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ICMA Launches New Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

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The ICMA Executive Board approved a new, multiyear strategic plan that ensures the association continues to serve members effectively and remain relevant in an environment of rapid, perpetual change. ICMA Executive Director Marc Ott said, "It's important, it's dynamic, it's a living breathing document... a guidepost for the next several years." [Watch video and access strategic plan resources]

Work on the strategic plan began in early 2015, when the Strategic Planning Task Force began a two-year process in which they conducted focus groups and surveys; consulted with members at the ICMA Annual Conference, regional summits, and other meetings; and participated in an online engagement platform.

The data and feedback from these outreach efforts were an essential resource used by the task force, and the result is a new mission, a new vision, and new strategic initiatives to advance the state of the art and the state of the profession and to continue to provide value to members. The plan identifies five key priorities, all of them bound by our core beliefs – public service; ethics; council-manager form of government and professional management; equity and inclusion; and the continuous pursuit of excellence, stewardship, and leadership.  

The strategic plan page on the website will provide updates on Envision ICMA. Visit the site to download the full report, watch the executive director's video, review metrics throughout the year, and access resources.

If you have feedback, we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts and ideas about the future of ICMA and the strategic plan by joining the conversation on Twitter using #EnvisionICMA.

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