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Performance Management: The Time to Act Is Now

Do you qualify for a Certificate in Performance Management? You may be closer than you think.

Have you always been planning to do more with your performance management program, but then found budget time—or many other times—too busy?

Are you reporting data to the public, but looking for the next step? Wondering how you can start putting that data to work in making decisions?

You’ve probably done more than you think, and you may already qualify for an ICMA Certificate in Performance Management—or be only a few steps away. Now is a good time to take a look at the systems you have in place and compare them with the 2017 criteria for ICMA’s Certificate Program.

The certificates recognize local governments that instill a culture of performance management, pursue comparative analysis and data-informed decision-making, and promote transparency. They can offer recognition for what you’ve already done, inspire you and your staff with a sense of accomplishment, and guide you on the path to further improvements.

If you have not yet met all the criteria, the good news is that the application deadline is not until May 5, 2017, so you have time to follow through on your resolution and make those improvements to your performance management program now. And you can get some ideas from this article on conducting a "performance checkup."

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