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Esri Smart Communities Case Study Series

ICMA partnered with Esri to explore how local governments across the country are making their communities smarter through the implementation of geographical information systems (GIS).  ICMA developed 6 separate case studies.

Case Studies:


technology & Data

Growing an Open Smart City Ecosystem-Charlotte, North Carolina

This case study highlights how Charlotte, Nort Carolina, was able to utilize an open data portal to keep their citizen's informed. 

Carver County  

High performance organizations

The Benefits of GIS for All-Carver County, Minnesota

This case study highlights how Caver County, Minnesota, expanded their GIS program so that more could benefit from the data. 

Ft. Lauderdale


Developing a Resilient, Smart City-Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This case study explores how Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, utilized its GIS system to improve its community resiliency.


shared service delivery

Making GIS a Part of Citizen Engagement, Auburn, Alabama

This case study explores how Auburn, Alabama, was able to use GIS technology to present data in multiple ways so that its residents can easily understand. and utilize the data.

Collin County  

Economic Development

The Business Case for GIS, Collin County, Texas

This case study shows how Collin County, Texas, has been able to save money and generate revenue through the use GIS technology.


shared service delivery

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG): The Value of GIS for Regional Collaboration

This case study shows how GIS technology has been a valuable tool in creating a collaborative environment in the San Diego, California, region. 

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