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Clarkdale, AZ Registers First Civil Union

Clarkdale became the 5th municipality in the State of Arizona to adopt a Civil Union Code when their Town Council voted unanimously on the subject.

The Town’s first registered Civil Union couple is quite familiar with Clarkdale’s procedures for Civil Unions. Clarkdale Mayor Doug Von Gausig and his partner, Rebecca O’Banion, have lived in their Clarkdale home together for 12 years. At the time the ordinance was adopted, Mayor Von Gausig stated, “Clarkdale is proud to join the growing list of communities that recognize that all people should be treated equally.”

Following the issuance of their Civil Union Certificate, Ms. O’Banion commented, “A loving commitment is personal and can take many forms. Clarkdale’s civil union code fills in the missing legal piece in our personal life commitment to each other.” Mayor Von Gausig added, “We have enjoyed a loving relationship for more than 20 years, and we’re thrilled that now we can enjoy some of the important rights formerly reserved for those who have chosen to marry. Clarkdale’s Civil Union process is a wonderful way to ensure our rights as a couple are protected and honored.”

Sponsored by Clarkdale Town Council Member Curt Bohall, the purpose and intent of Clarkdale’s Civil Union ordinance reads as follows: “The Town of Clarkdale supports the right of every person to enter into a lasting and meaningful personal relationship with the partner of his or her choice, regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the parties to that relationship. For that purpose, the Town of Clarkdale seeks to respect, support, and facilitate the rights of all persons to enter into contractual relationships and to designate agents, to the full extent permitted by the law, to manage their property, to make important life decisions, and otherwise to provide and care for loved ones within a meaningful and lasting personal relationship.”

For more information, please contact Gayle Mabery (Town Manager) at (928) 639-2415 or via email at

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Town of Clarkdale, AZ

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