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Town and Gown Pilot Survey

The International Town and Gown Association (ITGA), a membership organization, provides a network for civic leaders, university officials, faculty, neighborhood residents and students. ITGA offers resources to address common issues between university communities – towns, and institutions of higher learning – gowns. Through projects like the Power Lunch Series and various certificate programs, ITGA connects campus and community leaders with an array of services that maximizes their roles and fosters collaboration.

Brailsford and Dunlavey (B&D), a nationally recognized program management consulting firm and ITGA longtime associate member, has partnered with ITGA to conduct a pilot survey about the unique issues and opportunities facing universities and the communities in which they reside. The survey results will allow ITGA to:

  • Advance numerous initiatives including the identification of model projects that may be recognized as “best of class.”
  • Develop case studies focusing on the “hurdles and springboards” encountered in town-gown relations.

Survey results are confidential and e-mail addresses are not associated with responses. All responses will be aggregated for analyses and reporting. To participate, please visit  Participating institutions, community members and municipalities will receive a copy of the survey results summary upon request.    

Questions about the survey may be directed to B&D by emailing

To learn more about ITGA, the Buffalo conference and membership, visit

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