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Arizona State University Launches the 10,000 Solutions Project

There are plenty of problems in our world. In fact, sometimes it seems like there are more problems than answers. But we think it can be different. We want the scales to tip. We want the dialogue to change. We want to create a movement of solution seekers. And we want you to be a part of it.  The 10,000 Solutions Project showcases and collects innovative ideas to solve local and global challenges.

We view this project as an experiment that leverages the power of collaborative wisdom to create a solutions bank. The 10,000 Solutions Project aims to see what we can accomplish when passionate people can join a community that works together to build upon each other’s innovative ideas. What will this experiment produce? We have some ideas—but a lot of it is dependent on you.

How it Works: Four easy steps to making the world a better place  

Submit a Solution

Submitting a solution is easy. Simply share an idea you’ve had for a while or come up with something new. Keep it simple. Your solutions can address a local or global challenge — anything that sparks your passion. We’ve identified eight major challenge categories to help you get started. And you can submit as many solutions as you like. You can also include a video or an image to go with your solution.

Get feedback from others

After you’ve submitted a solution, it is time to get others involved. Share your solution with your friends, family and colleagues. Ask them to give you feedback and suggestions on how to improve your idea. They can comment directly on your solution page and discuss ways to take your idea further.

Build on your solution

Then comes a unique part of the 10,000 Solutions project: the ability to build on solutions. After you've had the chance to think about the feedback you've received, you can submit a new, refined solution that builds on your original idea. Others in the 10,000 Solutions community can build on your new or old solution, just like you can build on their solution too, collectively working to improve everyone's ideas.

Win prizes

Submitting solutions also makes you eligible for winning prizes. Various prizes, big and small, will be awarded throughout the project. In spring 2012, finalists will be announced, one of whom will win $10,000. More details on prizes will be shared in the coming months.

About ASU: Arizona State University (ASU) has developed a transformative model for higher education called the New American University. As an institution, ASU is committed to excellence, access and impact. ASU pursues research that contributes to the public good; and ASU assumes major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality of the communities that surround it. We are committed to rising to the challenges that are before us through collaborative initiatives like 10,000 Solutions in order to solve these complex questions.  Join us and pursue the work you believe in. Visit

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