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Boynton Beach, FL Seeks to Promote Historic Preservation

The City of Boynton Beach has been awarded a $1,100 grant by the National Trust for Historic Preservation from Palm Beach Intervention Fund. The seed grant funds will be used to provide public outreach and education on the benefits of historic preservation. With a population of approximately 68,000 residents, the City recently established a Historic Preservation Ad Hoc Committee whose mission is to foster an atmosphere that preserves and promotes reverence for the architectural and cultural history of the community.

In announcing the grant, National Trust for Historic Preservation President Richard Moe said, “With these funds, the City of Boynton Beach joins the National Trust for Historic Preservation and hundreds of other communities and organizations across the country actively working to protect and preserve the important places that tell the story of America.” 

The National Trust for Historic Preservation dispenses small grants for local projects through the National Trust Preservation Funds grant program. They are awarded to nonprofit groups, educational institutions and public agencies, and must be matched, at least dollar for dollar, with public or private funds. Preservation Funds grants are being used nationally for such wide-ranging activities as consultant services for rehabilitating buildings, technical assistance for tourism that promotes historic resources and educating children about their heritage. These grants are often the deciding factor on whether historic buildings or sites can be saved for future generations. 

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit membership organization bringing people together to protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them. By saving places where great moments from history – and the important moments of everyday life – took place, the National Trust for Historic Preservation helps revitalize neighborhoods and communities, spark economic development and promote environmental sustainability.

For more information, visit the website for Boynton Beach or call (561) 742-6000

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